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In the Wasting Of Time.

lose yourself
in the adventure
not in yourself
find our who you
are when no one
is around
what would you eat
for the first time
if you had a free meal
what if everyone thought
you were another person?
would you be different?
would you be you?

May Haikus & June Cinquains

so for the last two months
i’ve been writing, better yet pushing myself
to write everyday. i stopped myself short
during 30/30 but when May came around
i wanted to do something i’ve never done &
that’s writing haikus for the entire month.
here are some of my favorites:

today’s the last day
i climbed the walls you’ve built, i
had to destroy them

today’s the last day 
i cut my heart out, i had
to stop feeding you

today’s the first day
i gave myself permission
to let go of you

today is the first
day that i realized i
didn’t need your ribs

celebrate the love
of one parent instead of 
absence of the other

there are times when you’ll
stare at the mirror & cry
& feel beautiful

work on self when things
crumble, be accountable 
for all your bullshit

know your foundation
keep it strong, build on it, be
careful with weak beams

i know what its like
to be dead, i’ve laid in bed
with you many times

& even though we are still in June,
i decided to write cinquains for his month
it’s been quite the task , a lot of things are
surfacing in the writing, i hope you enjoy some
of my favorites of this month.

The Old New Story

this new 
story is not 
new, we go where no one
wants to go then everyone wants
to go

then we’re
pushed out slowly
by greedy landlords &
eminent domain, spoiled kids &
big dreams

of the
big city, making
it, they walk with their new
entitlement & scoff at the
old man

who’s been
here longer than
all of us, call the cops 
on him for playing the same song
he’s played

saturday, but
the new entitlement
doesn’t like that, doesn’t under
stand it

this new
story is old
we’ve gone through before
we’ve wrote this before & no one

they brush
it off as, “change,
can’t stay the same, it’s life
they say, it is what it is, that 
is life”

i do
not agree, i
refuse to believe that,
defend what you have created, 
have loved

have built,
from the ground up
no one wanted your streets
before you, you have thirty years
in it

the street that loves
your childhood like a sling,
act like you care, that your home


my pops
passed away two
years ago & my mom
has been fighting diabetes
for the

last year
& a half, &
you wonder why i don’t 
give a f*ck about certain things
like work

like beef
like gossip, 
reputation, there’s so
much more happening in the world
right now

take your
self out of your
bubble, it’s easily
popped with the realization 
of life


you sleep on a 
bed that is not yours, in 
a room you did not decorate, 

here, you
do not know their
names, they call you by your
surname, your patient number, your

this has
been a long road
so long, it makes every
thing hurts, but be patient, it know
it seems

like it
will never stop,
it won’t last forever
regardless of how you think your 

has sold
you out for sweets
betrayed you with high blood
pressure, medicated itself 
with pills

but this
will not be your
song forever, mother
this is just another chapter
you’ll write.

just like
migration, just
like single parenthood
just like wild child teenagers, it
will pass.

So A Couple Actually Asked Me To Marry Them…

so my good friend Joe Vega of the band So Called Society asked me
if i would be willing to get ordained so i could marry him & his fiancé Jennessa
i asked “Why” & he said “Well you’re the only one i know who speaks in front of large
crowds already, so i thought why not Bonafide?”… i found it funny but agreed
got ordained & even wrote them a poem (part of my package now)
it was a lovely day, picture perfect .
i was & still am humbled
that he asked me

here’s your Minister Bonafide Rojas… please don’t refer to me like that in public.
Rev. Bonafide Rojas

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