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New Announcement

ladies & gentlemen,
i would like to announce that i am now represented & apart of the Wendy Angulo Productions, new season, new opportunities. i am excited by the future collaborations with the company. From today on for bookings & inquiries contact: Wendy Angulo at wendyang75@


Ladies & Gentlemen : VIKUBO

so in the past few months
Vincent Ramirez, Kumasi J. Barnett & myself
started collaborating as an art group called
a fully collaborating unit
it’s been quite a reintroduction to art
before poetry i painted heavily
not graffiti but oils & acrylics
so this project was one of optimism
& creativity. we had our first showing
in Philadelphia at “A Seed On Diamond Gallery”
great turn out great time, watch for our
next exhibit. here are some photos.IMG_1024 IMG_1026 IMG_1030 IMG_1032 IMG_1034 IMG_1038

check out our
VIKUBO tumblr & instagram pages
see you soon.

Love Thy Neighbor

today like many mornings
the streets are only occupied
by sunlight & the sounds of jackhammers

i open my mouth &
the city tries to cram itself in my teeth
build a train station stop across my tongue

they erect a cafe for passerby’s to stop
& get a snack, meet up with friends, eat donuts
it’ll have flashing sign saying “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”

everyone will be invited but me
i try to close my mouth but the new residents
complain about how they pay rent, so they want it open

they don’t appreciate the drumming
of my heart so early in the morning
they don’t think its a good idea for me

to listen to rock & roll or hip hop because it
might scare the patrons. the board committee
organizes town hall meetings by my molars

they’ve agreed to place automated pillars to control
when i can & cannot open my mouth
i overheard a conversation about plans to build

buildings on top of my skull, one said
“someone’s there now but we’ll offer them a hair cut
& they’ll fold easily, they always do, we have more money

than they do, its all a matter of time before everything
around here will be ours to redevelop”
i tried to yell in protest but i didn’t have a permit

they cut my uvula off said it didn’t represent the “neighborhood”
anymore, took my tonsils out for more room & my lower jaw has
been cemented & had a park built on it, so after they visit the cafe

they can spend the day there, enjoying the scenery as if
they are the first people to ever live there, to grow there, to die there
so when they say “man, what a beautiful place, im glad we found it”

in frustration, in a burst of retaliation, i take back what’s mine
i yell NO, close my mouth, destroy everything, angrily swallow,
claim what is mine & eat them all alive.