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(re:processing) a salvage state of mind

you are in a constant state of transformation
caught between ascension & crashing,
upgrading & doubt, rebooting & pulling
the plug, your brain is operating multiple functions
at a time, holding back the breakdown
it has been caressing for months now
you are a living body with multiple expired
versions of myself being recycled
for water, for blood, for ambition,
for purpose, you eat your arm off
examine the rings in your bones
to know how old you actually are
everything is a blur, a twenty four hour
clock, slowed down a hundred times
everything feels like a contradiction
like a communist working for at the
empire state building, you feed myself
old memories you filed under
“save for later consumption”
but it all makes you feels like a replica
off the coast of orion, but you’re standing
at coney island, in columbus circle
at embarcadero, in humboldt park,
eating paper hoping to feel attached
to other dead things you keep around
your guitars are always out of tune
because so are you, your machine heads
are old & rotted, your bridge is rusty
your reprocessed body part pick ups
need new magnets, your are a cognizant
recycled body waiting to be recycled, like
a tree to a pencil to a desk to a stack of paper
no one wants to read, but you read them because
it has lived many lives & it makes you feel alive
now it has your many lives attached to it
& you’ve tried not to get attached to anything
because you understand the impermanence of
everything so now you wait for everything
to be recycled so you can all start anew
& ascend without fear of collapsing

(c) Bonafide Rojas