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Notes On The Return To The Island : The Tour

i am starting the process to tour
so book me for your city, your school,
your organization (profit & non profit), your community center,
your club, your stage, your block, east coast, west coast, midwest, south, north,
caribbean, central america, south america, europe, africa, asia. direct message me or contact
grandconcoursepress (at) gmail dot com, I’m not going to roll solo either, so lets do this. i’m going to read these poems, talk about puerto rican independence. [fall. winter. 2017. spring. summer. 2018.]
if you want a copy


The Mona Passage releases “When The City Sleeps Pt. 1”


“When The City Sleeps Pt. 1” is the first installment of
a trilogy of EP’s about how the human condition
is affected while living in a megalopolis.
How living through tactics such as invasion, war, & oppression
can affect our humanity, our sanity & our optimism.

Check out our Soundcloud for
a free download of the track “Dear Policeman”
& our Society6 page for merchandise.